7 comments on “Sunday Morning.

    • You’re quite welcome!

      No follow button? Hmmm…Did you look in the bottom right corner on the blog itself? If it’s not there, perhaps check one of the tags seen here in the WordPress reader? (like, pick ‘simlit’ for example, and see if the posts from this blog show up)

      And if it still doesn’t show up, don’t worry too much. Sometimes they can just be fickle, I think. (If nothing else, you could bookmark this blog until the follow button does show up. I’ve had my share if follow buttons not showing up)


  1. Interesting start. I like how you chose just to write prose without the added screenshots/pictures in typical SimLit. Definitely more unusual, though I’ve seen a few others who do. Leaves more to the imagination. 🙂

    Cartoons from Japan? Anime?

    Sinbad works for Shark’s dad so Dennis then?

    Sunshine… that’s cute.

    It’s annoying when someone wakes me from a dream I’m enjoying. I can just picture Sinbad watching Shark sleep. I suppose the creep factor if the other person was talking all turn-me-on-sexy.

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    • Yeah, this chapter was pretty subject to “Early Installment Weirdness”. I guess I was still trying to gain a proper literary foothold, and figure out more consistent characterizations.

      As for a lack of screenshots, it wasn’t entirely by choice. The laptop I had been playing Sims on was becoming unstable, so I ended up uninstalling. I still wanted to write a Sims story, however, so I just went with the no screenshot route. 😛


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