12 comments on “Daddy Dearest and Mommy Beerest

  1. You’re a pretty good writer. Grammar’s nice and, unlike *cough* me *cough* you’re dialogue isn’t stilted. I appreciate that in a Sims 3 writer…or any writer of a decent plot line. ^_^

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  2. Heyya! Just starting your story and wanted to tell you, that i never thought i’ll find it refreshing that you are not using pictures. I just had a near mental breakdown over my stuff because in my last chapter i only managed to add 6 pictures. But what you have here going on seems to work pretty well!
    You also seem to have a good story going on, so i’m intrigued to carry on! 🙂

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    • No such thing as a lame question. 🙂

      As for the copyright protection thing…Well, this story is actually a sort of Sims fanfic. It’s something I don’t make any money off of or anything. (This story is just a bit unusual because it doesn’t have screenshots) So probably not?


  3. Silver being unfit… hmmm… that’s so not a stretch. She’s pretty unfit for just about everything, especially mothering at least in my game. Sinbad answering the door in the nude… I can just imagine it. Seems like he’s pretty comfortable with himself. His personality is quite interesting. I must admit sending Silver to rehab and Dennis wanting to divorce her isn’t a surprise either.

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    • Yeah, Dennis has pretty much had it with Silver and her alcoholism (among other reasons).

      And yep, Sinbad don’t give much of a damn whether or not he’s naked in front of visitors. Not even in front of his boss/boyfriend’s father. 😛


  4. You’ve managed to hold my attention…and with a semi fanfic no less. That is impressive. I will keep reading in time. Thanks for following my blog by the way.

    I’m liking yours thus far. You’ve earned a follow from me.

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