6 comments on “Where is the Love?


    I’m glad the people at work seem to understand that something is wrong. Poor guy, if only his backstory could be nice SOMEWHERE! 😦

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  2. Great video/great song. I love hearing from the characters–Sinbad! Amazes me that he has such capacity to love after all that. Now I’m thinking Shark should be buying him ice creams!

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  3. Awww… Sinbad. “We all have bad days…” yeah I could see that comment not sitting well. When I’m pissued at the world, I don’t want to hear that. Goodwin is such a jerk… well that’s the nice word… for treating his former roommate like that. That guy needs to man up for his screwups. He created two lIves and now he needs to take responsibility. But back to Sinbad… He could talk to Shark since he’d likely understand and sympathize. Silver isn’t exactly winning mother of the year. She tried to kill her own son. That’s traumatizing. Sinbad needs to grieve and deal with his pain, and what better person to do it with then someone who genuinely loves him? And Sinbad does a good job of caring for Shark. Btw, love that song. One of my faves.

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