5 comments on “When Time’s Going By

  1. I had to look up Yaka Mein but…nice research there. 😉

    I also had to look up that episode and I can’t wait for the reasoning to be revealed, because I’m lost as fuck!


  2. Oh, goodness, that FMA episode… :´( I actually love that episode even though (or because) it’s totally messed up and I’m sure it has made me cry several times.


  3. Aww… Dennis trying a father-daughter bonding night. Now I’m craving appetizers like mozzarella sticks or chicken wings or pretzels with beer cheese dip. Lol. The line about Marigold trying to sell Lolly for a can of tuna and a pack of smokes cracked me up, even if it was supposed to be disturbing. And Dennis gave in… he’s an old softie. I’m annoyed at Lolly though. Wonder what’s up with Shark. I hope we find out soon.

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    • He’s just doing his best to be a good dad.

      Of course, Lolly’s at ‘that’ age, and given the events that led to her leaving the mansion…She might be a bit sore over leaving that life.

      (Doesn’t excuse her actions, but it might give a reason as to why she does them)


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