4 comments on “To Cut the Roots of Evil

  1. I think there have been way worse Racket crimes than that.

    That whole ending scene made me feel. I like that Dennis feels good about this, in the end.


  2. I like Dennis. He’s complex and rather wise, though also has his flaws.

    Also that Tom of Finland mention made me again think about how random it is that there is Tom of Finland coffee being sold at the stores around here now.

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  3. Okay knowing who Miss Carlton is in Eight Cicadas, I feel like she gets some small justice being crushed by Bill in this ‘verse. That’s “terrible” to say, of course. I’m sure it was an accidental crushing… or maybe it wasn’t, but I guess with Racket money and connections, he’ll be okay.

    Engaged to an inanimate object? Hmm… Sinbad you could’ve picked better words.

    Sometimes reheated leftovers are the best. Especially around the holidays. Lol… I love the forced conversation. Lolly being a brat as usual. Tsk… tsk.

    I really liked this chapter. 🙂

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