4 comments on “Bill-ed Up

  1. Okay, given the chapter I just read in Eight Cicadas… modified Smurf tits? I’m thinking some bizarre crossover is happening. Bill going through the dumpster is totally in character.

    Oh get the corndogs! I’m a mood for them since I got an early Christmas present – a mini corndog maker. Lol.

    Binge reading since my TS3 game crashed after I did a lot of work which ticks me off… and then my laptop crashed. Oh well… at least reading these chapters has helped lighten my mood a bit.

    Lolly should’ve had a worse punishment in my opinion. No movies for a month? Maybe? She’s a spoiled brat. Oh well, Dennis is trying hard to be a likable dad.

    Married? Lol. Lolly? Not yet.

    And those last lines… priceless.

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