5 comments on “One Moment in Time

  1. That scene with the sunset and Shark being understanding and the two of them in companionable/loving silence was just beautiful. I loved it. Also darn it, Lolly! I kind of like you, and then you do this! Pumpkin murder! Shame on you! 😡

    I really liked this chapter!

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  2. So much happening in this chapter! Gawd! Goodwin and Amy! What a disturbing thing for Sinbad to see. Perhaps he shouldn’t had sneaked up to the house with blankets on the windows. Lol. Glad he went back to the hospital. Dennis and Blaise bonding and sharing parts of his past was oddly endearing. I’m glad Shark and Sinbad made up. I didn’t realize it was sunset. So Shark wasn’t stargazing before? Sunset gazing? I guess the time of day wasn’t clear. Shame on you, Lolly! Murdering pumpkins!

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