2 comments on “Evaporating Empathy

  1. There’s so much going on. Okay, first off, Annette screwing Bill and saying she loved him… oh wow! I’m still mad at them for getting it on in Sinbad’s truck… well, maybe not mad. Part of me is disturbed and the other part of me thinks it’s hilarious. And Bill’s entrance on the golf cart… blinded by her beauty. Man! He’s crazy.

    Then Annette asking Shark to drink… oh dear! That’s bound to cause him to freak given his mom.

    And I loved Sinbad’s dialogue. This gave good back story. I wonder who he messed around with in the past… thinking… probably shouldn’t be… lol.

    This chapter gives a whole new meaning to Bloody Mary. Ugh… *cringe* creepy Builder as usual.

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