4 comments on “Failing Felicitations

  1. Wow, Sinbad can be really intimidating when he really gets mad. Also it took me a while to connect Shark’s trauma with what happened with Silver, but when I did it clicked awesomely.

    Also noooo, Annette! Run! Hide!

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  2. Oh how sad to think about Silver again and what she did to her son, and the family really. I am scared for Annette. I hope she’s going to be okay. And Bill too… that guy’s got no lines and seems to think of nothing but Annette’s… well… Lol… and I’m sad she left the house, but I know she was concerned about what had happened. Sheesh! Sinbad was scary, but so protective of Shark.

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    • Annette did press a Berserk Button of Sinbad’s (well, not so much ‘pressed’ as ‘slammed her elbow into’: Don’t hurt Shark in any way.

      To be fair, she didn’t know that was going to happen.

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