7 comments on “Garroting Gutters

  1. I always leave off in weird places with this story. Lol. Sinbad’s reaction to Shark’s sadness was heartbreaking.

    Oh crap! I knew that Amy couldn’t hide the identity of the father of her baby forever… Poor Jenni!

    Okay… two lady friends… “scrubbing up his ride…”??!?? Lol… mind in gutter.

    The gruesomeness of this chapter… ooo… I shivered and felt a little bit nauseous actually. First Jenni, then Bill… what kind of sick and twisted being would do such a horrid thing? And now I’m worried Annette is done for too… you did a great job at capturing the disgusting horrid terribleness that occurred, inciting all my senses. I should’ve known with the chapter title.

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