9 comments on “Zugzwang Zilch

    • Well, maybe two years earlier? Sort of either downplaying it first, or maybe (better yet) reminding Shark of mercy and grace first, and then working with him to show that both he and Shark’s dad have repented… I mean, the power to forgive is pretty awesome.

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  1. Ouch. That definitely didn’t go well. That ending was very sombre and beautiful. I can see the melancholy snowfall in my mind now.

    This was definitely a heavy arc. Usually I’m pretty desensitised to the written word, but some of the parts in this arc were pretty tough to read even for me. I like to sometimes notice that I’m not made of stone in this regard either. I think that disturbing stuff is something a person shouldn’t get too used to.

    I think I’ll take a little break again and then continue on to the next arc!

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    • I’m pretty sensitive to words and feelings, but I made it through! Part of it is because there’s a certain purity in here somewhere. And part is because, in a sort of symbolic way, it all points to the break-up at the end. I’m really itching to ask Senna questions about coming up with this! Maybe we can have a coffee hour (with tea) in our reading circle…

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      • Good to hear you made it through! πŸ™‚

        To answer to your question about writing Arc 3 (wouldn’t let me do it on the actual one for some reason) : I guess it was a little bit of both? (Given that I had to kill off a few characters and be creative doing so)

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