3 comments on “The Price of Freedom

  1. That’s dark. 😦 I actually do wonder how Shark died thinking of her in Cicadas, considering that his last interactions with her still had that lingering “she’s a bitch who doesn’t want me to care about my one true love” feeling.


  2. Well, didn’t see that coming. I was kind of expecting the zombie to be Bill or something, but Shark is certainly an effective choice. Dennis’s letter was so great. I think Dennis is my favourite character in this story, actually.

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  3. I was also expecting the zombie to be Bill. This took a really interesting turn right there, into deep psychological territory… in many ways, I’ve been feeling that all of this story is Shark’s psychological landscape, with his shadows and demons (partly, this is my own intellectual distancing from the traumatic scenes), and this feeling increased strongly in this chapter.

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