3 comments on “Due to the Dead

  1. “Just don’t come back as a zombie and eat our brains as revenge, all right?” The Builder’s newest scheme confirmed.

    Uh…probably best chapter yet. I love the sad, bitter…complicated! feelings of love and loss experienced by everyone. And the twinges of new hope. Having new roomies or a buddy to eat pears with.


  2. Annette and Ox-Head’s friendship is really sweet, in a slightly odd way. Also the goodbyes at Amy’s grave were so melancholic and effective. Yay for the complicated feelings of missing someone who also did bad things!

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    • It is indeed complicated.

      On the one hand, Amy tried pulling an awful stunt on the two.

      On the other, they did have some good times with her as a friend/girlfriend.

      If nothing else, they had to at least say a proper goodbye to her.

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