3 comments on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. Not so happy returns, guys. It seems they can’t avoid the worst of the madness forever.

    This arc was really nice, sort of a return to the tone of the first arc. And while I really like the scifi/supernatural stuff and the twisted antics that have been going on in the later arcs, it was also good to return to the beginning for a while. And to see how Sinbad and Shark met.

    Also the beginning gave me this image of Shark giving a very detailed description of his and Sinbad’s night in that hotel, and Sagebear just being like: “Whyyyy?”

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    • Sagebear: “Nooo Daddy, I didn’t want to hear thaaaaat!”

      And it is good to take a break from all the madness going on. At least I felt that way as I wrote this Arc.

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