7 comments on “In Which Senna’s Game Did Something Weird

  1. Puppy! *fiests eyes on teh cute*

    It took me forever to figure out how to get a “kitten” Shadow again since back then was before I’d learned about saving my Sims to the Bin (so newb) and animals don’t have puppy/kitten/foal options in CAS so unlike people Sims you can’t simply “age them down” in CAS. Bah. But! I finally found a way. *rubs hands together mischievously*

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      • The way I did it was by using the clone voucher Lifetime Award (and the points can easily be cheated in just to get the voucher). Redeemed at the science facility, it will create a “child” version of the Sim that redeems it, and Pets had these vouchers available as an award for Pets. I used one to get a clone kitten of Shadow… and then promptly saved that kitten into the Sim Bin!

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          • You can save kittens and puppies if you load them into CAS, but if you try to modify them using the pre-made breeds, they will morph into hideous monstrous things no one should see since those pre-made patterns are under the adult morphs. You can however still “manually” recolor fur and whatnot.

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