10 comments on “Seven Rays of Sunshine (Sunshine Blogger Award post)

  1. Congratulations! It was so fun to read your answers! And yeah, manipulating probabilities of events would indeed be awesome. Subtle to do but with spectacular results. Also I love Sinbad’s hair in that pic. And the puppy.

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  2. Wow! Seven nominations! Congrats! I so hear you on the ending things… it’s hard when a story comes to an end. I haven’t reached that point yet with any of my Sims stories unless you count MLWC, and that is still continued in FRWL. Manipulating events would wreak havoc on the world, but it’d be fun… for a little while at least. That picture of Sinbad with the puppy is so cute. It was nice to get to know you a little better through this post. All of your answers were awesome!

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