10 comments on “Keep On, Keepin’ On


    I mean, CANON FARIDAH. Best pupper for best gay daddies. 😉

    But gosh, it’s over? In the best way possible with nothing we discussed missed (even Ox-Head finding a new family of demons!), but damn. I’m gonna miss getting fucked up every time you posted something new. 😛

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  2. Oh man, it has really been a ride. Of heartwarming and harrowing moments and of awesome characters and adorable doggies and… everything! Congratulations on finishing your story! I really liked it and I’m so happy that I read it.

    It’s a bit wistful to have finished a great story, but there’s also this good sense of closure, especially if the ending is good. And this was just the kind of great ending that makes me happy despite also making me a bit sad for no more updates. 🙂 Anyway, thank you for writing and sharing this!

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  3. Aww Sinbad and Shark are finally married! Loved the ending although I must admit I am a little sad the story is over 😦 Especially since this was one of the first stories I started following 😦 Anyways congratulations! I hope you’ll soon start something new for all of us to enjoy 🙂

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