Chapter List

Section 1.1: Meet the Family!
Sunday Morning
Sleeping In-terrupted
Daddy Dearest and Mommy Beerest
Caught Red Roof Handed
Sex, Sinbad, Shark, Silver, Secrets

Section 1.2: Up, Up, and Aw Jeez…
Bearing the Brunt of a Bad Birthday Bash
The Amazing Flying Sinbad
Family Matters
In the Bag…Pipes
When Goode is Bad, and ‘Bad is Good…

Section 1.3: Stuck, Sick, Sad
French Connection
Blaise Doesn’t Toy Around
Pool Predicament
Up-chucked Love
The Family Is No Longer Working!

Section 1.4: Those Who Love
Dear Diary:
Shameless, Not Shiftless
Making Music (NSFW)
Bear-ly Having a Heart
Feeling the Burn

Section 2.1: Daddy’s Dilemmas
Father’s Day Disaster
A Night of Not-So-Fine Dining
Get (Ice) Creamed
A Father’s Lament
A Need to Rest Calm
Lazy Laundry Leisure
Try Not to Get Burned
Send Them the Bill
Some Sweet Destruction (NSFW)
A Corn Dog Kind of Day
Picture Perfect Embarrassment
Where is the Love?

Section 2.2: Enter The Builder
A Split in Tradition
Picnicking in Twinbrook’s Temporary Waterscape
Shatter the Dam, and Mend Your Heart
Ring Out at Mid-Gar
Rule of Three
Bed ‘n’ Breakfast
Moments at Midnight
Rancor (Part 1 of 4)
Respite (Part 2 of 4)
Remorse (Part 3 of 4)
Ruined (Part 4 of 4)

Section 2.3: Three’s A Crowd
Tian (Part 1 of 3)
Ren (Part 2 of 3)
Diyu (Part 3 of 3)(NSFW)
Break Out, Lock Down
When Time’s Going By
Forge and Refine
Veni (Part 1 of 3)
Vidi (Part 2 of 3)
Vici (Part 3 of 3)
To Cut the Roots of Evil
These Things We Do (NSFW)
Show, Don’t Tell (Slightly NSFW)

Section 2.4: Forgive And Forget
Might is Right, Might to Right, Might be Right
Bill-ed Up
Cold Spell (NSFW)
Take This Job and Blow It (NSFW)
A Smashing Evening
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Top of the World, Bottom of the Barrel
One Moment in Time
Golden Afternoon, Tarnished
Memento Mori (NSFW)
Jack of All Trades (Part 1 of 2)
Master of None (Part 2 of 2)

Section 3.1: Mind Games
Annette’s Aggravation
Blithering Buffoonery
Courtship Cacophony
Disastrous Desires (Slightly NSFW)
Evaporating Empathy
Failing Felicitations
Garroting Gutters

Section 3.2: Heart Of Ice
Hostage Hostility
Indecisive Insubordination
Jarring Justification (NSFW)
Kinder Krieg
Lousy Liars
Mother’s Malice

Section 3.3: Not Right In The Head
Needless Nastiness
Obsessive Oversights
Parental Petulance
Qualmless Question (VERY NSFW)
Restless Rigamarole
Seasonally Suggilated
Technological Trashing

Section 3.4: The End of Something Beautiful
Ugly Understanding
Vicious Venerability
Wayward Wishing
Xenophobic X-Factor
Yesteryear’s Yelping
Zugzwang Zilch

Section 4.1: A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed
Miraculous Business, Serendipitous Results
Need, Greed, Indeed, Succeed
Dealing with Decisions while Discovering Durians
New Morning Routines
Pay Attention, Pay a Visit, Pay Respects, Pay Dues
Questionably Local Listings
Unrevealing, Unraveling

Section 4.2: To The Pain
Of Corpse It’ll All Be Okay (NSFW)
Drop the Ball, Egg ‘Em On, Challenge the Sun
The Meaning of His Tears
House of Clay, House of Pain, House of Ash
Locked Away, Hide Away, Carried Away, Ask Away
Slanderous Gossip, Slaw Gifting, Saving Grace, Soul Grabbing, Sagebear’s Goodness
Boiling Point

Section 4.3: In The Name Of The Moon
The Price of Freedom
Even in Death, You Could Have Lived
Everchanging Moonsong
Bad Moon Rising
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise (NSFW)
Circle of Life, Time of Death (NSFW)
Bad Luck, Dumb Luck, Press Your Luck

Section 4.4: …Father?
Broken, Bloody, Beaten, Burned
A Storied Problem (NSFW)
Start Over, Fresh Start
Due to the Dead
Silent Visions
Father and Son
Revelation Resolution
I Will Wait for You, But You Have Waited Long Enough

Section 5.1: Sing A Song Of Sadness
A Bandage for a Broken Heart
Since You’ve Been Gone
The More the Merrier
The Hand that Feeds
Facing the Music
Request, Resolution, Removal, Reminiscence
An Offer You Can’t Refuse
Lost and Found, and Lost Again

Section 5.2: Winds Of Change
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Prepare for a Pounding
Unleash the Beast
Calm Before the Storm
Playtime Is Over (NSFW)
Between The Winds
Letting It All Hang Out (NSFW)

Section 5.3: The Dog Bites Back
Dishing It Out
Chains of Agony
Strength in Numbers
Bitter Peace
All that Glitters
Diamond in the Rough
Tongue Made of Silver
War Dance (NSFW)

Section 5.4: Worlds Collide
If There Were Any Other Way…
Shouldering the Burden
Doggone It
Lantern Lights, Wacky Wedding
Tea for Two, Tea for Three, Tea for You, Tea for Me
From Broken to Healed
Letting My Heart Speak (NSFW)

Section 5.5: As Sweet As Sugar
Pleasant Whispers (NSFW)
Septette’s Harmony
Eternal Moments of a Thousand Words
At a Suit-able Tea-Time
Bitter to Swallow
Grin and Bear All

Section 6.1: Fish Out Of Water
Too Rich for One’s Liking
Mud on Your Face, Big Disgrace
Great Art to Die For
Getting the Picture
Conceptual Timing

Section 6.2: Sagebear Sniffs One Out
The Gift of Camaraderie
Dead Meat
Directed, Displeased, Dunked, Dumped
Scents on the Trail
An In-Fall-ible Sense of Timing

Section 6.3: The Eyes Have It
Family-Style Smackdown
Preparing for the Past
Through the Eyes of Madness
Blowing Steam
Do You See What I See?

Section 6.4: Liam’s Lamentations
Soul Poetry
Smiles and Tears
Memories in the Rain
Let the Spirits Be Your Guide

Section 6.5: Titan’s Fall
Scorched Echoes
A Mother-Loving Speech
‘Til Death Do Us Part
Let It Out, Pack It In
Out with a Bang

Arc 7

Section 7.1: The Conquest
The Ol’ Meet and Greet
Some Enchanted Evening
Crossing the Rubicon
The Color Today is Grey
Lewdness in the Library (NSFW)
(Grilled) Cheese It
More Than You’d Bargain For (NSFW)
Look, Don’t Touch
Racket’s Rendezvous
Rudeness Galore

Section 7.2: The Conflict
A Most Explosive Encounter
What You Are In The Dark
All Bent Out Of Shape (NSFW)
Snow Drifting
Tears Of the Flies
Flower On The Wall
A Run For Your Money
To Give Thanks For The Ride (NSFW)
Schadenfreude, Einsamkeit, Achtung
Love ’em, Poke ’em, Hold ’em

Section 7.3: The Confession
Take The Fall In Fall
What Goes Around Comes Around
Took The Stand To Understand
Nothing To Sneeze At
Chillin’ And Illin’ And Billin’
Cheaper By The Dozen
Wet Behind The Ears
A Shot In The Dark
Questions For The Ages
Starry Promenade
Home Again, Home Again

Arc 8

Section 8.1: Double Time
Crystalline Serenade
Lost In Blue
Lost Souls In Endless Time
Double Trouble, Give Or Take
Talk The Talk, Walk the Walk
Beyond The Mortal Coil

Section 8.2: Twice As Much
An Eye For An Eye
Dreadful Derelict Dreamscape
Twisted Time And Distorted Sky
The Ambush In The Timberland
Kinder des Waldes
Onward, On The Line

Section 8.3: Twinning Trouble
Searching For the Truth
Blaise’s Bloody Blight
Exit To The Past
Past Time, Present Day, Future Event
Come Together, Then Rip It Apart
A Grave Mistake
Run Down

Arc 9

Section 9.1: Limbo
On the Edge Of Insanity And Oblivion
To Try So Hard And Get So Far
As Time Stops, As Hope Dwindles
With A Grin And A Cackle

Section 9.2: Lust
What Lies Beneath
Within Reason
The Heat Of The Moment
To Lend An Ear

Section 9.3: Gluttony
In The Blood
Of The Essence
That Which Is Insatiable
Hunger For the Flesh, Thirst For The Blood

Section 9.4: Greed
It Takes Two
Wanting Is Better Than Having
A Theft By Any Other Name
For An Arm And A Leg

Section 9.5: Wrath
Of Life And Death, Of Love And Hate
Lament Of The Angel
Bring Down In Glass Rain
To Leave Carnage In Your Wake

Section 9.6: Heresy
If You Always Do As You Are Told
Lost In Translation
Salvation Gone Sour
When The Cicadas Cry…

Section 9.7: Violence
The Mantis And The Cicada
Loose Lips Sink Ships
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Could You Have Lived?

Section 9.8: Fraud
Two Is Better Than One?
The Show Must Go On
Glory In Mourning
Two World Dance

Section 9.9: Treachery
To Hit And To Run
Sins Past
The Clock Strikes Twelve

Final Arc

Section 10.1: The Pleading
Royal’s Call
All Rise

Section 10.2: Champion Du Soleil
Blood-Stained Corona
Chronal Solar Flare

Section 10.3: Sheer Lunacy
Glittering Violet Moon

Section 10.4: Walking Ox-ymoron
To Carry A Heavy Yoke
Grabbing Life By The Horns

Section 10.5: Horsin’ Around
Ring Soured
Quite A Cold-Backed Conundrum

Section 10.6: Blaise And Kin
Boil And Toil, Blaze And Raze
Where There’s Smoke…

Section 10.7: Little Dragon
Like A Piece Of Greenware
In My Time Of Need

Section 10.8: The Misery Of Marc
A Most Misfortunate Melancholy Milk-Time
Tears Of A Brandt

Section 10.9: Paternal Plight
Mom’s The Word
Riding Shotgun

Section 10.10: Dog Day Afternoon
Vi Et Armis
Letting The Fur Fly

Section 10.11: The Cost of Sin-Bad
Dosed Over
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Section 10.12: To Love A Shark
The UnBearable Agony of Sibling Rivalry
September’s Children

Section 10.13: The Final Blow
She Who Bends Time And Space
I Saw Myself, So Don’t Give Up

Section 10.14: Acta Est Fabula
Out With The Old, In With the New
Keep On, Keepin’ On

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