Character List

The Brandt-Clay-Kindle-Racket-Rotter-Waverly Family


Sinbad Rotter

Age: 27 (b. 1990)

Bio: Once the bad boy of Twinbrook, Sinbad has settled into a more stable lifestyle with Shark. After a complete overhaul of his life, things are hopefully paving way for a better future; A married, childless, dog-filled life.

But some things need to be dealt with first.


Shark Racket

Age: 22 (b. 1995)

Bio: Shark tries not to let things like mental illness or tantrums run his life. He just wants to stop being a burden on everyone, and settle down with Sinbad in their own home. Due to his relatives’ actions in the past, he hopes things will soon change for the better.

So far they have, but…


Dennis Racket

Age: 44 (b. 1973)

Bio: Shark’s father and Sinbad’s former employer. Once the criminal kingpin of his family’s business, he now has a much more modest life he believes is worth living. He cares deeply for his son, and wishes he could properly help him.

A father would do anything for his child.


Blaise Kindle

Age: 40 (b. 1977)

Bio: Blaise hasn’t been in the boys’ lives all that long, but it’s clear she’s as much a part of the family as anyone else. When her BFF Alma gave Dennis permission to marry her, Blaise couldn’t have been happier. She loves Shark as though he were her biological child.

Each day is a chance for more adventure, she believes.


Marc Brandt

Age: 38 (b. 1979)

Bio: Life hasn’t been very good to Marc. Along with his numerous health problems, he also had a cheating girlfriend and a sad past involving his mother. Nonetheless, he’s managed to press on, and so far his life’s gotten better with his father and half-brother in his life now.

Hopefully one day, he’ll be the best big brother he can possibly be.


Harwood Clay

Age: 65 (b. 1952)

Bio: A rather eccentric man who was once a renowned sculptor. Now he’s semi-retired, and trying to live out his final years with his two previously unknown bastard sons. Though his life thus far has been a rather tragic one, he keeps going.

Screw politeness, he’s a senior.



Age: Unknown, at least one (post-resurrection)

Bio: Sagebear is quite likely the most well-loved member of the family. Her canine charms seem to have gotten her a place in everyone’s heart. Once belonging to Annette, she was brought back to life, and now goes about her usual dog routine.

Dogs deserve to live forever, and Sagebear now gets to.

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