Recommended Reading

This is stuff I’ve read. Stuff I liked enough to recommend to other readers. (I should have set this page up when the site was created, but I suppose I didn’t think to)

It’s also something of a work in progress, and I’m not good at describing things, so…


Eight Cicadas by Trip, a.k.a. My Amazing Girlfriend. Reading this dark little beauty is highly recommended for post-Arc 2 of this story. Think of Chronicles as the bizarre companion piece to Cicadas, like the Legend of Zelda Oracle games: Both are linked in various ways.

Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes, both by CitizenErased14. I don’t intend to get Sims 4 any time soon, but these two connected stories here are splendid tales nonetheless. I found myself wanting to hug several of the characters in D2D, and the same goes for A2A.

The works of Mastress Alita. So far, I admittedly only have read The Cat Chronicles, but I still cracked a smile at Shadow’s adventures! The stories don’t appear to be updated that often, but they’re still worth taking a peek at!