7 comments on “Ring Out at Mid-Gar

  1. Awww, I thought he’d be waiting until Arc 5 or something to do that. 😀

    Though it’s a little more harrowing to see that Twinbrook is, uh, seeing the consequences of its water pollution. There’s no other way to explain that thing!


  2. I’d say that dead sea monsters are the perfect thing to set the mood for a romantic proposal. 😀 I do love how Sinbad included the bear into it. So cute!

    I have to say that I did’t expect the sea monster, but it made for a very grand, awe-inspiring scene. Also it was funny that you mentioned the fact that the harpoon-dude seemed to pull the harpoon out of their ass. Every video game character seems to have some sort of storage dimension in there.

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    • Hey, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! 😛 (Or…Something like that)

      As for the sea monster, it just seemed fitting that a town like Twinbrook would have something like that in its lake.

      And funny thing: I actually was thinking about video game characters doing that when writing the part about the harpooner. 😛

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  3. Wow! That was beautiful. I loved the proposal and I certainly wasn’t expecting it. What a great and meaningful way for Sinbad to propose. No wonder he went back for the bear.

    Oh… and what the hell is the thing they found and that person? Am I to assume this is… the Builder? Whoever or whatever that is?? And what was in the water? This chapter had some intense and scary moments. Great chapter!

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